Keeping Your Cats Entertained with the Right Cat Toys

For most of my life, I’ve had a cat or two. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about them including the fact that they don’t all enjoy the same things. This goes for everything from food and treats to the beds they sleep in and toys they play with. If you are a new pet owner or want to help your cat exercise more, you need to have the right cat toys.

cat tunnel toy
Cat tunnel toy

Types of Toys for Cats

Like many things in life, the options for cat toys is endless. With so many different types of toys, how do you know which one your cat will enjoy? You don’t, until you purchase it and let your cat play with it. The different types of toys for cats include:

  • Feather toys and wands
  • Mice toys
  • Lasers
  • Bug toys
  • Catnip toys
  • Ball toys
  • Play mats

I have two indoor cats who are very opposite. One loves her soft mice toy the other loves the rattle mice toys. One cat enjoys feather toy wands the other loves chasing after the laser. This is why you need a variety of toys in order to find out which one your cat enjoys the most.

The best way to do this is by getting a

Cat Toys Recommendations

Here is a list of toys that most cats love.

  • Banana catnip toy
  • Cat dancer
  • Cat tunnels
  • Rattle mice toys

With numerous cats that I’ve played with, the above are usually always a hit. Most cats also enjoy laser toys but every once in a while you’ll get a cat that just doesn’t care.

Play mats for cats are great for kittens. They love to attack the different toys and balls that dangle from the top. It is also a great way to tire them before bedtime.

Playing with your cats is extremely important. This allows you to bond with your pet as well as it helps tire them out. This means that your cat will be too tired to wake you up in the middle of the night, bored.

You can also look at interactive toys such as laser toys and ball chasing toys. These can keep your cat entertained even when you’re sleeping or at work.

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