Choosing the Best Pet Hair Brush

I love my cats and wouldn’t change them for the world but their pet hair is a different story. Our pets shed, just like we do, but we tend to complain more about their hair than ours. Over the years I’ve tried different per hair brush products to help me groom my cats and remove pet hair from furniture. If you want to choose the best pet hair brush for your pet, read on.

Different Shedding Tools for Pets

Grooming your pet is essential for their health and overall appearance. By grooming your cats regularly they will be gagging out fewer hairballs on your bed. What you’re doing with a pet brush is removing the dead skin cells and loose hairs. This makes your pet’s skin shinny and smooth. Some of the different tools you’ll find include:

Shedding Brushes- These brushes usually have small teeth or grooves that help catch a lot of loose hair. These brushes can be used on long and short hair pets. I have two of these brushes in my home.

Dematting- If you have a long hair pet they will need a dematting brush. These brushes are designed to detangle mats and tangles on your cats, dogs, horses and other long and medium hair pets.

Grooming Gloves- I feel like I tried every pet brush I can find, including grooming gloves. These work great on furniture and cat trees but my cats hated them.  The gloves are practical if your pet lets you groom them with ease. I also felt a little safer wearing the gloves because when the cats attacked I had a little protection.

When you are choosing the best pet hair brush for your pet you might not hit the jackpot right away. I have three different tools that I use for grooming my cats. They don’t like any of the options but it helps me remove some of the loose hair, at least what I can get.

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