Choosing the Best Pet Camera for Your Home

If you are a pet parent like I am, you need to have a pet camera. Having our beloved animals at home waiting for us can be daunting and a camera can help ease our worry. When it comes to choosing the best pet camera for your home, you have a few different options. Depending on your pets, needs and your budget, you can easily find a great camera.

What are Pet Cameras?

Today you’ll easily find a large number of indoor cameras that can be used for monitoring pets and your family. A pet camera is usually compact and can be positioned on a shelf or mounted on a wall. However, if you are going to purchase one of these cameras, make sure that it offers the following:

  • Clear picture quality- 1080p or higher
  • Can hear and talk to your pets
  • Wide angle or 360 views

In my home we have this type of camera. I can easily talk to my cats and tell them to stop fighting. I can also check around to make sure no one is at the sliding door.

If you are looking for the best pet camera choose one that is designed for them. Pet cameras have lasers and or a treat dispenser.

Cameras with Laser – If your pet loves laser toys, make sure that the camera has the option. You can trigger the laser and play with your pets while at work, in school, or just away from home.

Pet Cameras with Treat Dispensers – These cameras have the option to throw a treat at your pet. These are great for dogs and cats. You can add freeze dried treats or other items your pets love.  Camera with laser and treat dispensers are more expensive but can be a good investment in the long run.

If you have pets at home that you worry about, you need to get a camera designed for them. You can easily find and choose the best pet camera to suit your budget and pet. To sum up, pet cameras are perfect for any worried pet parent, especially those with sick or anxious pets. I love having a camera in our home and watching over our pets.

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