First Camping Trip and What You Need to Bring

Camping is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. You’re in the woods or park, surrounded by darkness, with some light provided by the night’s stars and moon. And of course some weird noises, probably spring peepers, but you don’t know that. Don’t let the noise and bugs scare you, camping is fun! If you want your first camping trip to be a successful one, you’re going to need a few basic essentials.

What To Bring To Camp

When you’re packing for your first camping trip you need to pack what you need and what you’ll use. If you’re going for a one night trip, there is no need to bring everything that’s in your pantry. To get started, answer a few basic questions:

  • Who is going with you?
  • Are you bringing pets? Kids?
  • Does the campsite allow fires?
  • Is there a water source on premise?

By answering these questions, you can better prepare for your trip. If there are no fires allowed, you need to make sure to bring a way to cook.  A portable grill with a propane tank should help you prepare your meal. If you do not want to lug that around, consider packing hydrated meals and snacks instead. You can also choose to bring sandwiches instead.

If there isn’t a guaranteed drinking water source, make sure to bring plenty of water. Don’t forget that your pet needs water as well. A gallon of water per person and pet should be good for drinking but make sure to bring extra for washing your hands and pots.

Essentials Needed for Camping

Your first camping trip should be a great experience that ends up being a reoccurring event. You will need some basics in order to enjoy camping such as:

  • Durable Tents
  • Lantern or Lights
  • Air Mattress or Camping Pads
  • Campfire Cookware
  • Utensils
  • Food, water and snacks
  • Activities/Games

These are some of the basic essentials you’ll need for your first camping trip. Make sure that the first trip is close to home, in case the weather is bad or there are other issues. Be sure to setup your tent beforehand so that you know how to assemble it at the campsite. When choosing a tent make sure it’s durable and appropriate for the season.

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