Finding Budget Friendly Hiking Essentials

I’ve been hiking for years now and slowly realizing what essentials I need and don’t need to log around. If you are a day hiker or looking to start hiking more, there are some basic hiking essentials that you’ll need. While you can go hiking in your favorite sneakers and gym bag, they might not suit you well on different terrains.

Gear for Hiking

If you want to hike or even walk more through old trail tracks, you need the proper shoes. Hiking boots are great for walking and hiking as they help protect your soles. These boots are also ideal for different landscapes and can help prevent serious injuries. With proper footwear you’ll also be able to walk or hike more.

Now that you have your shoes you need a backpack. There are many different hiking backpacks available such as external frame backpacks, daypacks and hydration bags. For your basics such as first aid, snacks, food, water and other small items you can use a daypack. They are affordable and lightweight but don’t have all the bells and whistles. If you want to bring your tent, sleeping mat and other camping essential an external frame backpack is a great option. These backpacks also help alleviate strain on your shoulders and back.

Another basic thing to get are trekking poles. These poles will help support you and help ease join pain. Whether you’re going up a steep hill or down one, trekking poles will help. Make sure to choose a set that comes with different attachments for various terrains and seasons.

One thing people don’t realize is that in the woods you will have limited to no service. This makes it hard to open up your maps and find your location. Instead, be prepared and predownload maps on apps such as Avenza. This will show your location on the map and help you find your trail. When your phone battery dies, make sure to have a compass or a GPS trackers that will help you find your way through the woods.

Shopping for Your Gear

When it comes to hiking essentials, you don’t have to spend a lot in order to get a lot. The best way to shop is online because you can easily compare products, brands, and find bargain prices.

Hiking should be fun, exciting and help you connect with nature. You should not go hiking unprepared. Always have a first aid kit, plenty of water, and a flashlight with you. You never know when that 5 mile hike will turn into 20 and you have no choice but to hike in the dark.

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