What Kind of Food Can You Grow in Greenhouses?

My grandparents used to have a giant greenhouse where they grew a variety of vegetables. The hard labor that went into growing the produce was evident in the food. A lot of people with a backyard contemplate getting one but are afraid to make the leap. If you are one of these people, it’s time to change your ways and see the benefits of having greenhouses in your yard.

Benefits of Having a Greenhouse

The most common reason why people choose to have their own greenhouse is to be able to grow their own produce. These days, everything is either genetically modified or the organic section is way overpriced. So you either have to spend a lot to get quality or buy the cheaper stuff that’s full of pesticides. Neither of these choices are good, but having your own greenhouse is.

Another reason why having your own greenhouses is beneficial is that it provides a longer growing season. With a greenhouse you can plant your seeds earlier and enjoy the results sooner. During colder months you can still grow items in your greenhouse and keep your plants and flowers from dying.

If you love to grow flowers, fruits or veggies, you can grow even more in your greenhouse. With your large crop you can sell your goods in farmers market, at flea markets or to your local community. These days we all need a little help due to covid-19 and providing fresh, organic food is a great way you can help.

One thing to note is that greenhouses come in a variety of sizes and styles. You don’t need to have a large 40’x10’ feet greenhouse in order to grow what you want. If you just want to grow a small crop for yourself and your family you can choose smaller options or cold frames. There are also options with shelving units which are great for growing flowers and potted produce.

So if you are looking at greenhouses and wondering if this is the time to get one, it is! You can easily find a portable option that will suit your needs, family size, and budget. Another thing to note is that enclosed greenhouses will also protect your crops from wildlife like birds and deer.

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