What Do You Need to Become a Beekeeper?

I love honey but hate the price I pay for it. Small bottles can cost well over twelve dollars and cheap stuff doesn’t even compare. With such a high price for honey, is it worth to become a beekeeper? For some the answer is clear. For others, it’s a lot of work where you need to have patience, space and knowledge in order to have honeybees.

Working Bee

Before ordering your beehive starter kits and your bees, do some research. A bee needs to have a good environment in order to thrive and provide you with the delicious honey you adore. You can’t simply provide the hive and let your bees do the work. Beekeeping requires constant monitoring of bees to make sure their environment is safe. If you do not have the time or energy to take care of the bees then beekeeping might not be for you. Your bees will die off and you will be left with nothing

If you want to have bees in order to improve pollination and enjoy your own honey or even sell local honey at the farmers market, read on.

What You Need

Bees– In order to become a beekeeper you need bees. You can’t just walk down the block and go to any store and buy bees. If there isn’t a local honeybee service by you, then you will need to order online. Another thing to note is that bees need to be ordered beforehand, months in advance. Bees are delivered in spring so that they can thrive in your yard and in their new beehive.

Beekeeping Kits– Most bee companies will offer their own beehive starter kits but you can also purchase or make your own. These kits should include everything or mostly everything you need to take care of your bees. Most kits will include the wooden crate and a number of frames which your bees can fill with honey.

Beekeeping Tool Kit– These kits usually include the items you will need in order to check on your bees and remove the frames from the crate. Choose a kit that has a beehive smoker and a protective suit. These tools can help you safely inspect your hives.

The last thing you’ll need is the main one which is knowledge about bees and how to take care of them. This comes with experience but you can also take a course in beekeeping or read a few books to get a feel for your future.

How to Use Your Honey

Honey can be used in multitude of ways and not just put on your toast or added to your tea. You can make candles, face and body scrubs, lotions, shampoos, and other items using your own honey. These products can be packages and sold at flea markets or online for an extra income. You can also make bakes good and sell those locally as well.

As a honeybee owner, you are responsible for your bees’ safety. You must monitor your bees often to make sure they are safe and thriving. This should be done weekly or even 10 days or so. You do not want to disturb your bees too often as this can stress them out and reduce their productivity. If you want to still become a beekeeper make sure to do your research, pre-order your bees, and provide a good location with plenty of flowers and nectar for your bees to enjoy.

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