What do You Need for Bird Watching?

I, like many other people, love to sit and watch birds go about their day. It’s fascinating to see birds fly with such grace and ease and wonder what it feels like. It’s also exciting to spot new birds or see a large one like a hawk or eagle. When it comes to bird watching you need a few things to truly enjoy the show.

Choosing a Bird Feeder

The first thing you’ll need for bird watching is a feeder. Your feeder should be somewhere where you can easily see the birds and enjoy the show. To prevent squirrels from overtaking the feeder you can hang it up high. We hung our new feeders from the roof soffit so that they are at eye level at the window. This way the squirrel can’t come and enjoy the feast but he still enjoys whatever they throw from the feeder.

When choosing a feeder thing about your birds and what kind of space they need. If the feeder is open, consider adding a cover so that the food doesn’t get wet and spoils. Be sure to choose bird food and seeds that will attract the kind of birds you wish to see.

The next thing you’ll need for bird watching is a camera or telescope. Binoculars and monoculars are great for long distances and bird watching. You’ll be able to easily spot your birds from afar and take a picture. I like to use my point and shoot camera since it has 50x zoom. If the bird is far I can still see it and capture a blurry image for keepsake.

Bird watching would not be the same without a bird identification books. These books can help you quickly identify a bird, especially if you’re not tech savvy. Yes, there is an app for bird identification as well.

Lastly, a bird journal can help you write down the pattern of your birds. You can write down which birds you saw, what time, what food they ate or didn’t, and so on. Your bird journal can help you better understand your birds, their needs, and their migration pattern.

So are you ready for some bird watching now?

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