Prolonging Outdoor Use with the Right Fire Pit

Summer had come and gone and winter months are upon us. A lot of us were too scared to do anything due to Covid-19 and others enjoyed the extra time at home with their families. While the colder weather approaches, it will push us back inside, making us hibernate in our own ways. If you do not wish to let go of your outdoor space, it’s time to look into a fire pit. With the right pit, you will be able to enjoy your deck, porch or backyard even more.

Backyard fire pit

Cozy Up Your Backyard

A lot of people create fire pits in order to burn branches and other wood. You don’t need to have a large yard or even a yard in order to enjoy a cozy fire at night while sipping your favorite drink. You can enjoy a safe and warm fire on your small porch, balcony or deck. With so many different options, you will easily find the perfect pit for your needs, budget and space.

Wood Fire Pits– If you have wood around or want that camp feeling, a wood burnig fire pit is a great option. These are usually round or square tables with the center designated for the fire. They also allow the ash to stay inside the table, rather then on your floor. It makes it easy for picking up and cleaning. One thing to note is that wood fire pits are harder to control.

Gas Pits– If you don’t like the fuss of wood and having to clean the ash or simply don’t have access to firewood, get a gas pit instead. These pits come in a variety of options including round, square and rectangular. Gas fire pits use fireglass beads or rocks and a propane tank for the fire. They cause no smoke and you can control the temperature.

Choosing a Pit

The two basic fire pit options are wood and gas. If you do not want smoke, to burn wood or have small outdoor space, a gas fire pit is ideal. There are many different options available and you can find a budget friendly fire pit to suit your needs.

If you have the space and wood, a woodburning pit is a great option. These pits will keep you warm at night and they will help keep the bugs away. You can also use the fire to roast your marshmallows and make some s’mores.

In the end, whichever option you choose you will have a place to entertain year round and warm up by. Your fire pit will also help you enjoy your outdoor space more and can be a place for you to breathe and get some time to yourself. Or it can be a space to hang out with family and friends.

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