Handyman – Power Tools You Need at Home

You purchase new blinds, come home and spend two hours looking for a screwdriver. After finding the screwdriver you huff and puff until you’re able to make a hole. Then you move on to the second hole and miss and make some extra holes that one day you will patch up. You’re finally able to find that hole and finish installing the blinds. A five minute job with a drill cost you hours. This is why you need your own set of power tools. The below are basic power tools you need at home to make any job easier and faster.

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Essential Tools for Your Home

Besides your handy dandy screwdriver and flashlight, you should have some basic tools that you can easily utilize. Before buying your tools you have to consider two options; cordless and corded. Cordless tools use a re-chargeable battery while corded tools are plugged into an outlet. Batteries will need to be charged but allow you to take your power tool anywhere you want. Power tools with cords are usually more powerful but restrain you where and how you can use the tool.

The basic power tools you need at home include:

Drill– A power drill is essential for any home. Drill drivers will make putting and taking out screws easier and faster. From drilling holes to putting up Sheetrock, a drill can do it all.

Circular Saw– I love a good circular saw that has a fresh blade. It cuts through a number of lumber and you can adjust the cut depth. If you just want to make a line through the wood you can with this tool.

Oscillating Tool– This tool is also known as a multi-tool because it can do a number of things including cutting through metal to nail tips to sanding. All you need is the various attachments, that usually come with the tool, and you can complete any job.

Impact Driver– If you love your drill but need more power for bigger projects and larger screws, grab an impact driver. While it is smaller and lighter than a drill it has more power to push the various fasteners through the material.

These are my favorite tools and the ones that get a lot of use for numerous home projects. Another tool that I absolutely love is the miter saw. It can cut angles and straight lines so it’s great for molding, baseboards, frames and other jobs.


Whether you are handy or not these are the power tools you need in your home. You should have a basic kit that can help you handle simple projects so that you don’t waste time and money hiring others. With your own power tools you will be able to complete simple projects and/or explore your tools and pick up a new hobby. A power tools kit is a great option for anyone that wants to have basic tools at home and be ready for basic home projects.

Before investing in a kit make sure it offers tools you need to do the projects you desire.

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