Choosing the Best Hot Tub Spa for Your Yard

Autumn is here which means no more 90F days where you can drive to your local beach or lake and take a swim. Instead, we will be hit with lower temperatures and have to find other ways to relax. One great option is to add a hot tub spa to your backyard. With your new spa, you can easily relax, get a massage and unwind after a hard day. All of this can be done, even when it’s 40F outside.

Hot Tub Spa

Different Types of Spas

When it comes to home spas, you have the standard jet spa that costs thousands of dollars or a portable spa. If you are on a budget a portable hot tub is a great option. These spas are practical, affordable and easy to set up. They also cost significantly less, being only a few hundred dollars.

Inflatable hot tubs are great for anyone that’s on a budget and doesn’t want to spend thousands on a jet spa. These tubs are also great if you want to test our the hot tub and see if you’ll use it. I believe once you set it up and try it, you’ll never look back, but that’s just me.

Standard tubs are like permanent structures and require more work. These tubs are also very heavy and can take up a lot of space. If you don’t have the space, money, and a handyman, go for the inflatable hot tub instead.

Inflatable Hot Tub Pros

A lot of people love their inflatable hot tubs because they are portable. You can inflate and deflate the tub and move it where you want. If you’re going on a vacation in the woods, bring your own inflatable hot tub and enjoy the stay even more! Other reasons why people love an inflatable hot tub spa include:

  • Affordable – Only a few hundred dollars instead of thousands
  • Portable – Empty the water and move the tub around anywhere you want
  • Fun for everyone – Portable tubs can be used by kids as well if you don’t have a pool

Some cons to inflatable tubs include:

  • No Seats- Portable hot tubs don’t have seats which means you sit at the bottom of the tub. You can purchase seats separately.
  • Hard to Heat in Winter- During cold winter months it will take longer for the inflatable tub to heat up and stay at 104F. This is because the tub is not insulated like a standard jet tub
  • Jets not Massage- The jets in an inflatable tub offer bubbles but not necessarily a massage
personal hot tub

Standard Jet Tub Pros

If you have the budget and space for a standard tub, get one! These tubs are more expensive but they will probably last you a lifetime, with good care and proper maintenance. Some benefits of these jet tubs include:

  • Massaging Jets- You will be hit by so many jets that your whole body will get a nice massage
  • Seats – These tubs have corner seats which make the experience more relaxing and comfortable
  • Cup holders- Most jet tubs have other features including cup holders for your drinks and electronics
  • Insulated – These tubs are better insulated which means you can use them during colder months

Jet Tub Cons

While a standard tub is more durable and insulated, it also has some flaws. The main flaws include:

  • Expensive – These tubs are more expensive and require regular maintenance
  • Not Portable – Jet spas are heavier and sturdy structures which means you can’t easily move them from one spot to another. You also can’t pack up the spa and take it with you on a trip.


Hot tub spa is a great option is you want to relax after a long day, in the privacy of your own home. With your own spa, you know who goes in and out and you can make sure that it’s clean and properly sanitized each time. While hot tubs are great for relaxing they offer other benefits such as:

  • Stress relief
  • Decreases muscle tensions
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help you sleep better at night

These are some of the benefits pf owning a hot tub spa. Will you be ordering yours?

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