Benefits of Owning a Pressure Washer

When you have a home you’ll soon realize just how much maintenance there really is. If you do not have the budget or want to pay for service, you need to do everything yourself. Without the proper tools, these jobs can become daunting and even frustrating. This is why you need to invest in a good pressure washer. With your own pressure washing tool, you’ll be able to easily tackle a lot of your home projects and even make a business out of it.

Cleaning Your Home

Whether you just purchased your home or you’ve had it for years, it’s time to give it a wash. With a pressure washer, you can easily wash your entire home, restoring it to it’s former glory. So, what is a pressure washer? In 1926, Frank Ofeldt¬†created his own power washing machine to help clean grease and grime in his garage. In 1950, Alfred K√§rcher invented his hot water, high-pressure washer and the rest was history.

Today, there are many different types of pressure washer including gas and electric and those that use hot water. These pressure washers have everything you need to clean dirt and grime from:

  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Deck
  • Patio
  • Driveways
  • Sheds
  • Patio furniture/chairs
  • Rugs

You can also utilize your power washers on your car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle, and bicycles. With a power washer you’ll be able to easily clean your home, lawn, and automobiles.

pressure wash shed

Choosing a Power Washer

Like many other tools, you have two options when it comes to power washers which come in gas or electric. A gas pressure washer is usually stronger and more powerful but can be bulkier and heavier. They are also more expensive and louder. These washers are great for those looking to have a pressure washing business. You can offer your services and power wash homes for others. In no time at all, the power washer will be paid off in full.

Electric pressure washers are more lightweight, easier to use and just plug into any outlet to get started. They don’t have the same power as gas washers but they still get the job done. You can easily get dirt, grime, even mold, off of various surfaces.

The power washer that you choose will depend on your budget and needs. Make sure that the power washer has the attachments and power you need to do the jobs you intent with it.

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