Why Should You Get a Turkey Fryer?

Thanksgiving is around the corner and everyone will be cooking up a delicious and juicy turkey, or will they? If you don’t have a turkey fryer, are you able to get a enjoy a tender and succulent dinner with family? I think, perhaps not. If you’re tired of the same old dry turkey, it’s time to try something new!

Turkey dinner

Choosing the Right Fryer

I love our electric turkey fryer! It’s large enough for the turkey and anything else I want to fry up. I’ve fried Oreos, fries, breaded shrimp, chicken wings, banana, and so much more in my fryer! Last year when I didn’t use the fryer and went to my in-laws, I let my friend borrow it. They ended up loving the fried turkey so much that they purchased their own fryer. This is how you know that something is good and works.

So, what should you look for when choosing the right fryer? The main thing is to get a fryer that will work for your family and size. Make sure that the fryer can easily fry up a turkey of the size you usually get. Most fryers can fit a turkey up to 20 pounds.

The other think to consider is whether you want an electric fryer or a propane turkey fryer.

Electric turkey fryers are safe to use inside your home and are perfect for those that don’t have a backyard. For your indoor fryers, you add the oil to the appropriate line, plug in the fryer and turn it on to the recommended setting. Once the fryer is ready, put your turkey inside, set the timer and walk away. When the timer goes off, remove your turkey, let it drip off any access fat and serve it on your plate.

Outdoor turkey fryers require outdoor space and a propane tank. This usually means that you have to monitor the turkey to make sure no accidents happen. Always be prepared for the worse and have a fire extinguisher ready, just in case.

Fried Turkey

Cooking In a Fryer

Like a regular small home fryer, you can fry a number of things with your turkey appliance. In my electric turkey fryer I have made a number of things including:

  • Chicken wings
  • Fried banana
  • Zeppole
  • Onion rings
  • Fried Oreo
  • Breaded shrimp
  • Fried whole chicken

These are just some of the things I’ve personally made in my Butterball fryer. Some other item you can use your fryer for include:

  • Steamed vegetables
  • Potato chips or fruit chips
  • Fried pickles
  • Doughnuts

These are just some of the other items you can use your turkey fryer for. Yes, you can fry and steam things with your fryer! I personally recommend that you get an electric fryer because they are sager, easier to use and can be stored on top of your fridge, if you’re pressed for space.

Tips for Juice Fried Turkey

If you want a truly delicious and juicy turkey make sure to brim it in advance. I like to brine my turkey in water, salt and a lot of different herbs and spices. I brine the turkey for a day or two and then make sure to dry it off really well. This way, after drying off the turkey the seasonings are still on it and soaked into the bird. You will still get a juicy turkey without putting it in a brine but it’s worth the extra effort for an even more tender bird.

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