What is an Indoor Pizza Oven and is it Worth Buying?

Pizza. If you don’t love pizza then I feel sad for you. It has everything you need, fruit (tomato), dairy (cheese), carbs (crust), and protein (toppings). We have pizza at least a few times a week and sometimes even for breakfast. To say we are pizza snobs is an understatement. Since we eat so much pizza I started thinking about pizza ovens and if they are worth buying. Since we already have a makeshift outdoor pizza oven I wanted to look into an indoor pizza oven. To my surprise, there were many different options.

Pizza toppings

Pizza Oven Options

When it comes to pizza ovens, you have indoor and outdoor options. Indoor pizza oven options are smaller, affordable, and perfect for any home. Outdoor pizza oven require an outdoor space and are more expensive. If you are like me and want an indoor option, you have some choices to look through. These options include:

  • Electric or gas pizza ovens
  • Rotating ovens
  • Artisan ovens
  • Grill pizza oven converter

These are just some of the different options you will find yourself looking at. Depending on your budget and needs, you will easily find a great pizza cooking oven.

Electric pizza ovens are affordable and easy to use. They usually have a setting for the pizza wellness or show a green light when your pie is ready. The issue with some electric ovens is the size. You might be limited to the pizza size that you can make so be sure to look at all the specs of the item before purchasing it.

Stovetop pizza ovens are another great choice for families. These options are placed over the gas flame, heating up the oven and stone top. The top chamber is where you place your pizza for even and fast cooking. You might have to rotate the pizza to get a consistent crust and color.

If you have an outdoor grill, you can also choose a grill pizza oven. These options fit over your gas or charcoal grill and allow you to bake the pizza at high temperatures. This means you can have your pizza in as little as 5 minutes. Now, that’s fast delivery!

Benefits of Home Cooked Pizza

One of the reasons why we have so much pizza is because it’s easy to make. All you need is yeast, a little sugar, some salt, flour and olive oil for the dough, tomato sauce and cheese for the top. For less than $20 in groceries you can make pizza multiple times, saving yourself a lot of time and money.

Some basic reasons why making pizza at home is beneficial include:

  • Know the ingredients- We don’t know who makes our pizza or what they put in it. When we make it we know the exact ingredients which means we control how much we want.
  • Personalize- You can easily personalize your pizzas at home. With your indoor pizza oven you can make everyone their own individual pie with the toppings they like.
  • Bonding time- Making pizza is a great way to bond with your kids and have family time. You can also help your child appreciate cooking and maybe even fall in love with it.

With these great benefits, you’ll be shopping for a bargain indoor pizza oven in no time!

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