Choosing the Best Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers allow us to easily store and see our food. Unlike the box the item comes in, a container is clear and it allows you to see what you have. You can also tell how much of something you have left so that you can purchase more of it. When it comes to containers, there are a lot of different options available. The two basic options you can choose from is plastic and glass.

Plastic vs Glass Containers

Today, most food storage containers are either made of plastic or glass. Glass containers are easier to clean and can be reheated multiple times. Plastic containers are great for storing dry items such as rice, beans and pasta and can be used for reheating. One thing to note is that plastic containers can stain after multiple reheating. Another thing to note is that not all plastic containers are microwave safe, while glass is.

So, when it comes to plastic or glass containers, which one is better? It really depends on how you’ll use the containers. If you want to purchase plastic containers make sure they are BPA free. Avoid heating your food in a plastic container and use it to store cold or dry food instead. You can use them for your salads, leftovers, or to organize your dry ingredients such as flour, rice, legumes and such.

Glass containers are safer and last longer. They are a great investment and are more affordable these days than when they first came out. While glass containers are great, they are heavier and should keep this in mind. They also have a plastic lid which can’t be used in microwaves or while reheating.

How do you go about choosing the best food storage containers? Today, there are number of bulk storage containers you can choose which are great for cereal, flour and sugar. If you’re packing kids’ lunch, use plastic containers because they are lighter. For those with limited space in their kitchen, plastic containers are better. They easily fit into one another and the lids stack up as well. Whether you choose glass or plastic, the best food storage containers are the ones that hold your items, are easy to clean, and provide a good seal.

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