Baking with Kids and What You Need to Know

One thing you can do with your kids during quarantine is bake together. What kid doesn’t like cookies or learning to cook? It’s a great way for them to be more helpful in the kitchen and it’s a wonderful life lesson that they will surely use. Baking with your kids should be fun and exciting. With the right products, your kids will love to cook with you and learn a new life skill.

How to Cook With Children

In order to get your child interested in baking you need to provide them with their own chef’s hat and aprons. Kids want to emulate you and having an apron like their guardian can make them feel like a grownup.  You can also purchase baking kits for kids. These kits come with an apron and other baking tools and essentials. Once you’ve presented the child with their own chef’s attire, it’s time to bake. Okay, not just yet.

In order to have a fun time baking with kids you need to prepare all the ingredients. Make sure you lay everything out and measure it if the child is too young to do it themselves. If the child is able to, have them measure all the ingredients while you watch and guide them.

If you want them to enjoy baking, take out the mixer. We all love a good mixer that turns a few raw ingredients into dough. Be sure to turn off the mixer every time they need to add an ingredient to the mixture.

Once you’re ready to scoop the mixture into pans or roll out the dough, see if your child can help. Ask them how they would do it or what they think needs to happen next. By talking about the process while doing it, your child will be able to remember the steps better.

When baking with kids let them be a part of it. Don’t just let them watch as you beat and mix and knead and pour. That isn’t baking, that’s watching you bake. Let them shape and decorate their own cookies and ask them what they want to bake or cook next time. Make a chart of things you’ll bake and add dates, so you can get the ingredients and be prepared.

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