What to Look for In A Wastebin

A wastebin not only holds and hides your garbage it’s part of the decor in your home. In your white kitchen with white marble countertop you can’t have a cheap plastic bin that you got at the dollar store. A fancy wastebasket is a must. Having the right trash bin will also make your life easier.

Different Type of Trash Bins

There are many different types of wastebins you can choose for your home.

Marble wastebins are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. If you are going to use one in the kitchen, have it on the counter and use it for small scraps as you cook. Marble bins are beautiful, sturdy and are built to last.

Wooden bins are another great choice for any home. If you want to soften a space that’s sterile add a wooden bin. Wooden bins are also great in laundry rooms and can be used for lint. These bins are also ideal in bedrooms and offices and are lightweight.

These days everyone is choosing stainless steel because it looks pretty, is durable and is easy to clean. You can choose large stainless steel bins for large garbage and smaller bins in the restrooms.

For those that want to stand out from the rest, choose copper trash bins. Copper is a beautiful color and you can find a number of different styles that will suit your home. For bedrooms you can use mesh or wire bins and for your trash use a sold bin to prevent leakage or waste spills.

If your wastebin is old, cracked or plastic, it’s time for an upgrade. Choose a bin that will make your space pop and adds interest. I know this holiday season I’m gifting myself some new trash bins. Goodbye white plastic bins, hello stainless steel!

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