How to Keep Your Tools Organized

If you’re like us, your garage is packed with tools. When my husband can’t find a tool he wants he goes and buys another. An unorganized garage can make your life truly difficult. You lose precious time and money looking for stuff when you could be building instead. This is why we decided it was time to get our tools organized and I can truly say it’s been amazing!

If you’re looking for ways to keep your tools organize get items to organize them in. Keep your tools in one location where you can easily see them. Be sure to always return your tools to their rightful place so you can find them for the next job.

Tool Organizers

We do maintenance on two Airbnb properties which means we have a lot of tools. There are two properties and tools can get lost in between them. The first thing we did was create a tools only space. We decided this would be in the garage of one of the properties. This idea soon changed when we realized we wouldn’t be able to access it when guests are there. The tools were then moved to a gutted cabin. Some of the best tools organizers that we love are:

Bucket Organizers– In our car we keep a bucket with some basic tools such as the drill, screwdrivers, tape, and electrical tester. Bucket organizers have helped keep our tools visible and neat. We keep the bulk stuff inside and the smaller tools and accessories outside the bucket jockey/wrap.

Tool Cabinets- Tool chests and cabinets are great for keeping all of your bits, nails, screws and other tools and accessories organized. We ordered a red chest tool cabinet and love it. It has plenty of drawers and a workable top space. Best part it has wheels so it can be pitched around the garage with ease. Also, these cabinets hide your mess.

Craft Cabinets– You don’t have to be a crafter to get a craft cabinet. These cabinets offer space for a lot of drawers and/or plastic bins. You can use them to organize small parts and pieces, electrical outlets, screwdrivers, and any other tools and extras. Make sure to group like things together and label the bins.

Tool Boxes- In our garage we have at least two toolboxes. Another two can be found in the Airbnb tools cabin. These tool boxes or bags should have your essentials and allow you to easily take them anywhere.

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