Do You Need a Safe In Your Home?

Whether you have a diamond collection or important documents, you want to have a safe in your home. A safe is a great investment that will keep your valuables protected and secure. We have a small cabin safe in our home. It stores our passport, social security cards and property papers. If I ever need the items I know exactly where to look and find them.

Choosing a Safe

Some of the different safes you can choose from today include:

Gun Safes- If you have firearm in your home you need a safe. Most importantly, it is the responsible thing to do and is the law. I keep our gun locked, unloaded and well hidden. Gun safes and cabinets can keep multiple guns or weapons. They will keep them locked and away from children’s curious hands.

Cabinet Safes – If you want to keep your documents such as passports, birth certificate, money or your most cherished treasures, use a cabinet safe. They are small and fix in a cabinet. Place them in the kitchen, office or in your bedside cabinet.

Drop Slot Box- Just like the name suggests, these safes have a drop slot. You can place cash or documents through the slot and it goes into the secure bottom compartment. They work like a post office mailbox, where you drop the slip from the top open section into the bottom.

Wall Safes – If you do not want anyone to know that you have a safe, install a wall safe. These options need to be installed professionally if you do not have any construction experience. The safe should fit into the wall securely and be well hidden behind a painting or secret panel.

Hidden Safes- If you want to hide cash in plain sight do it with diversion and can safes. These options can look like your basic can of beans but are a perfect hiding spot. Use it for rings, coins, cash or other small items.

If you have documents, a watch you value, gun, money, or ID you want to protect, you need a safe in your home. A safe can protect your items from theft, fires, water floods, or curious hands.

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