Cleaning Essentials Every Home Needs

When you purchase a home or move into your new apartment, the first priority is to clean it. From head to toe, you want your new home to sparkle. A clean home is not only ideal it will help you breathe better and provide better air quality in your home. If you or your pets have allergies, a clean home is a must. In order to clean your home you will need some cleaning essentials. By having the right products it will make the process easier and go faster.

Basics Every Home Should Have

The first thing a home needs is a good vacuum cleaner. If you have pets and allergies make sure it has a HEPA filter. These are designed to trap more dust particles so you can breathe better in your home. Besides a good vacuum you will need some basic cleaning essentials including:

Set of Cleaning Brushes- You should have a range of different size cleaning brushes. They can be used for scrubbing hard to reach corners, grout, window and door track, carpets, and other areas in your home. You can even use the brushes to remove pet hair from carpet and furniture.

Floor Mop- After you’ve vacuumed your floors you should mop them. You can use dust mops and pads to pick up more dust particles and hair that the vacuum missed. Dusting your floors daily can also help you vacuum less often. You should also get a wet mop in order to wash your floors. If you wear shoes in your home, chances are your floors are filthy. Use the wet mop after you’ve vacuumed and dusted your floors for cleaner and shinier surface.

Squeegee- If you’ve never washed your windows, what are you waiting for? Grab a bucket of soapy water, a microfiber cloth and a squeegee. Soak the cloth, wet your window and use the squeegee to clean off the soapy water. You’ll love your new clean windows and spying on your neighbors will be even better now.

All-Purpose Cleaner- An all-purpose cleaner is idea for every home because it can be used for kitchen, bathroom, floors, doors, and other areas. If you have allergies or are sensitive to hard smells, choose natural products instead.

Feather Duster-A feather duster with an extended handle is ideal as it will help you clean ceiling corners, fans, and other areas.

Are You Ready to Clean?

Now that you have your essentials, get to work! A clean home will help you feel more relaxed and is a safer area for you, your family and pets. With these cleaning essentials you will be able to clean different areas of your home, with ease.

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