Choosing the Perfect Blanket

I love blankets! In my home we have plenty of blankets for all the adults and pets. It’s true, I lose my fuzzy soft blankets to my cats but I wouldn’t have it any other way. When it comes to choosing the perfect blanket you can never go with just one. With so many different choices, how do you choose?

Types of Blankets

Throw blankets- These are great for throwing over the couch or bed. They can be used for extra warmth and aesthetic purposes. These blankets can be made from fleece, cotton or even polyester.

Heated- If you live in a cold place like I do, you might need a heated blanket. These will need to be plugged in an outlet so you need a power source. They can also be put on top of your bedding for extra warmth. Electric blankets are great for older people and those that are constantly cold.

Weighted-If you don’t like healthy and bulky comforters try weighed blankets instead. They are thin but offer weigh, comfort and warmth. I place them in the guest bedrooms in case the guests want extra warmth.

Chunky Knit- These are probably the coolest blankets I’ve seen, touched and own. These chunky blankets are supper soft, will keep you warm and look incredible!

Wearable– I have at least three wearable or cape blankets in my home. They are 3-in-1 which means it can be a blanket, a cape or a zipped up wearable blanket. If you want to watch TV or work while staying warm, get one of these!

Whether you live in  Florida or New York, you should have the perfect blanket in your home. Wrapping yourself in one should keep you warm, whether in your poorly insulated home or while drinking coffee on the front porch.

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