Best AirBNB Tips to Being a Great Host

If you want to make a little extra cash AirBnB your home. This means you allow people to come to your home for a few nights, use all of your items and leave without leaving a tip. If you’re comfortable with that idea, it’s time to prep your home. Below, you will find some AirBnB tips that will help you be a great host and get the five starts you deserve.

Basics to Have in Your Home

Whether you have a one bedroom home or a five bed five bath home, it needs to have some essential basics. These products should help your guests feel welcomed into your property. Before listing your house, make sure you do the following:

Provide extra bedding, comforters, blankets, and towels. Your guests will bring other people, even when they say they won’t. Make sure you have extra supplies so every guest, even the unexpected one, is comfortable and would eagerly come back.

Provide your guests with all the basics cooking supplies such as cooking appliances, tools, cookware, and spices. If you think they won’t use a cookie sheet, think again.

Offer your guests toiletries that they can use and take with them. These little sets might seem like nothing but can make a big difference, especially if they forgot an item or two.

Personalize your home for the guests. We have a small sign at the entrance that says “Welcome” and the person’s name. This way when they walk in, they feel like the space is meant for them.

Make a snack box or table and include wine when you’re having two guests or guests for a longer period of time. The snacks can be basic chips and candy or you can choose a healthier route and leave fruit and healthy snacks instead.

Another thing you should do is keep in contact with the guests. Ask them if they are celebrating any special occasion. If they are write a little note, add a balloon, leave them something they can remember and take with them.

All of these AirBnB tips will help you be a better host. Always make sure that your place is clean and that your guests will have everything they need to stay comfortable.

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