Simple Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two rooms in our homes that we are always looking to improve. Whether it’s to increase the countertop space or make the space bigger, we aim to do it and usually go over budget. If you don’t have a large budget you can still remodel your bathroom with simple and affordable products.

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Remodeling Your Home

Whenever you do any construction in your home it will cost you time, money, and frustration. This can be avoided by simply replacing a few things that can spruce up any space, including the bathroom furniture. If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom consider doing the following:

Replace the Vanity– One way to improve the flow of your bathroom is by replacing the vanity. If you don’t have a budget for this, pain your cabinets instead.

Change the Faucets– The bathroom sink faucets get a lot of use and abuse. You can easily change the look of your restroom by replacing the old, worn-out faucets with new high-end ones. Whether they are chrome, black, or bronze, it will be an improvement from the previous one. Be sure to change up the faucets in your shower and/or tub with the same matching finishes.

Organize Your Space– Bathroom cabinets get packed with stuff we don’t even know we had simply because there is no organization. Under-sink cabinets and drawers can help you keep your bathroom organized and remove all the items from the counter.

Add a New Curtain– I like to change my shower curtains once a month or so. Doing this changes the look of the entire bathroom.

Buy New Towels- If you want your bathroom to look and feel like a spa you need to get luxurious towels. Be sure to grab a few sets in the same color so you can impress your guests. Roll up the towels and put them around the tub or on a shelf.

These are some simple ways you can remodel your bathroom on a budget. You don’t need a handyman either for these projects. YouTube videos and the installation instructions should suffice.


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