Best Ways to Store Your Holiday Décor

There are numerous holidays we celebrate throughout the year and we decorate for them all. It’s not only fun to decorate but it also helps us look forward to special occasions where we gather with friends and family. While this year has not been the same due to COVID-19, we still do our part to make it special. If you are like many of us that have accumulated a large holiday décor collection, it’s time to get organizing!

The worst part about decorating your home for Christmas or any holiday is looking for the decorations. There are some things you can do to help you stay more organized and easily find what you’re looking for.

Tips for Organizing Your Decorations

You spend a lot of time and money picking out your holiday décor so make sure that you store it properly.

Organize by Holiday – While you can put all of your door wreaths together, it’s better to keep all of your decorations separated by the holiday. You can place your Christmas decorations in red bins, your Easter decorations in a pastel color, Halloween decorations in orange or black, St. Patrick’s Day décor in green, and so on. If all the bins are the same black color you will need to look at the labels or open them all to find what you’re looking for.

Place Ornaments in Boxes – While plastic bins are great for storage they can also trap moisture. For fragile pieces such as your Christmas ornaments place them in shoe boxes with dividers. Make sure to wrap them in non-chemical tissue paper. You can also line the box or container with paper cups and place the bulbs in them.

Use Clear Containers – For those small and decorative home accents, use plastic clean containers. Anything from little trinkets and figurines to plastic pumpkins and candy jars, you can store in bins.

These are just some simple ways to store your holiday décor at a bargain. Keeping your decorations organized and properly stores will make them last longer. You’ll also be able to easily find everything you need, whether it’s under your bed, in a closet or hiding in the garage.

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