Propane Smokers: 5 Fast Facts

These are the five facts you need to know about propane smokers brought to you by easy food.

Propane Smokers: 5 Fast Facts

Fact number one:

Gas means control. Many pit purists stick to charcoal and wood when smoking their meat. If you are going with propane means your smoker will heat up quicker. The ability to adjust the gas means you can control the temperature with more accuracy. You will avoid uneven char and Mickey Mouse watering, brisket ribs, and pulled pork. That will delight your guests.

Facts number two:

The sky is the limit. The first question of any pitmaster when looking for a new unit is how much juicy meat I can fit in there. The call has been answered if you’re planning to feed the entire neighborhood or have ambitions of your own catering business. There are models with enough space to smoke, racks of ribs for a crowd-associated companion.

Fact number three:

Burners create the flames. Many modern units have simple push-button ignition, so you can quickly start the gas flowing. You may go with a single burner so that everything is heated by one source. Two burners can cook twice as much sausage or chicken but could be uneven in heat

Fact number four:

The door must be shut. The whole point of this endeavor is to allow the smoke to permeate the meat and give you that complex, savory flavor to prevent it from escaping a steel door that will clamp tight, which is crucial to creating burnt ends. That radiates with a smoky aroma.

Fact number five:

Wood is still a part of it. Authentic barbecue derives much of its flavor from mesquite, Hickory, or Mayo used in the cooking process. The ability to add wood chips means you don’t have to lose this aspect of the taste.

Some versions incorporate charcoal burners and include a grill for burgers or steaks to go with your slow-cooked options.

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