What is the Keto Diet?

It seems that there are endless amount of diets out there and keto diet is just one of them. After hearing about it I started to notice it everywhere! Celebrities were endorsing it and grocery stores were marketing items as part of the keto diet. If your main goal is to lose weight and live on a strict diet, then ketogenic diet is for you.

What is Ketogenic diet?

The keto diet is a low carb diet that believes in good high fats and moderate protein. Sometimes the diet is referred to as low car high fat diet or just low carb diet. If you want to quit eating processed food and sugars, this diet can help you do that.

My cousin recently tried keto and loves it. The best part is she ordered a lot of keto bread from Amazon and couldn’t be happier. Her main goal was to lost weight and get fit. That is exactly what the died did for her and much more.

While keto lifestyle has been used to help epilepsy patience it can offer other great benefits such as:

Increase energy- Since you’re eating less carbs you’ll feel more energized and eager to start your day.

Improve focus- Ketogenic diet can help you concentrate better. By lowering your carbs intake you’ll prevent blood sugar spikes. You’re also increasing your fatty acid intake which helps with brain functions.

Improve bad cholesterol- I have high cholesterol and was able to normalize it with the keto diet. It’s amazing that a little lifestyle change can make an impact on your overall health and I don’t need to take pills for it.

Reduce acne scars- A poor diet can affect the way you feel and look. With the low carb diet you’ll be able to decrease skin discoloration and puffiness. Your face will look noticeably brighter and better with your new healthy lifestyle.

Like any diet, make sure to consult your physician before making the switch. While this diet is great for helping you lose weight, you will be eating less carbs. If you love your carbs and know that you can’t control yourself, try a different diet such as paleo.

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