What is Paleo Diet and Is if Good for You?

You’ve heard of the paleo diet but never really thought to look into it until now. Well, first off, welcome! Next, I hope to answer your question of what is paleo diet and is it good for you. Spoiler alert, it’s good for you! There are also plenty of paleo snacks and bars that will keep you happy and satisfied.

Healthy Diets

Diets. Everyone has tried one diet or another. I know a few people, including myself, that have tried some sort of diet regiment. The issue with them is that you have to remember what you can and can’t eat and how much of it and so on. Paleo diet is different because it really involves no thinking. It’s not a diet, it’s our way of life!

Paleolithic diet is a lifestyle where you eat only items you would be able to hunt and gather. This means you can eat meat, fruits and vegetables and nuts. The food you would avoid include anything processed, dairy, grains and beans. The concept of the diet is to eat like our ancestors did, before the big farming culture started.

Is paleo diet healthy? As far as diets go, this one is a great option. You’re able to eat your steak and potatoes, just can’t have that bread with it.

Will I lose weight? This diet limits your carb intake which can help you lose weight. Paleo is all about the meat which is protein. People that eat sufficient amount of protein daily can help manage their weight better.

Is this a clean diet? With paleo diet you will eat better and cleaner because you won’t be eating anything processed such as chips, candy or soda. You will provide your body with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which it craves in order to thrive. Since this health plan doesn’t include grains and legumes it’s not a complete nutritious health eating plan.

If you want to eat better and avoid junk food, it’s time to switch over to paleo diet. You’ll eat better, feel better and can help improve your digestive issues. So, is paleo diet good for you? This diet is for anyone looking to change their eating habits.

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