What Is Alternative Medicine?

We live in a society that is quick to give us pills for any of our ailments. Your head hurts? Take a pill. You feel nauseous? Take another pill, and so on. With so many pills in our system it’s no wonder we got numerous ailments and can’t stop taking our prescriptions. Meanwhile, there are those that still believe in alternative medicine and the healing powers they possess.

Type of Different Medicine

Centuries ago people did not have doctors prescribing pills; instead they had healers and herbalist. Unlike chemicals, plants and herbs are natural and have their own healing properties. Today, there are still those that practice and believe in the power of alternative medicine. Some of the different alternative medicine options include:

Light Therapy – If you are feeling depressed, weak and can’t sleep, try light therapy. A few minutes a day under the specific lamp can improve your mood. It can also help clear your skin.

Acupuncture – One of the oldest alternative medicine practices in China is acupuncture. The small needles are used in helping with numerous ailments such as stiffness, tension, back pain, stress, smoking, and insomnia.

Sound Therapy – Another great alternative medicine option for overall health is sound therapy. This practice believes that the sound frequency can help balance your body’s energy. Sound therapy is used to help relieve stress, diminish headaches, and improve your energy and concentration.

Ayurveda – In India, Ayurveda is a type of alternative therapy that helps you heal your body and overall health. The practice heals your mind, body and spirit through massage, yoga, and herbal medicine.

Whether or not you believe in any of the above therapy options they are not harmful and can be beneficial to your overall health. In a world that’s full of pills, it’s nice to be able to know there are those still practicing alternative medicine ways of healing.

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