How to Keep your Feet Smooth and Healthy

Winter season is here which means dry hands and feet are upon us. We forget that our feet take on a lot of weight and stress throughout our day and that we need to take care of them. Once we see cracked, dry feet with blisters and odor, we try to do something about it. Instead of waiting for your feet to get bad, prevent it. Keep your feet smooth and healthy throughout the year.

Tips for Good Foot Care

Our feet don’t get enough credit for supporting us throughout the day. At the end of the day, we should pamper them so that they stay smooth and healthy. If you want to improve the way your feet look or want to make sure they stay perfect, you need to do a number of things.

Wash them daily- Most of us take showers and forget to scrub those feet. Instead of rushing out of the shower, grab a callus remover and scrub the bottom of your feet. This tool is designed to shave off dead skin cells from your feet. There are various other corn and callus trimmers, including electric ones, which will make the job easier and faster.

Use Insoles- Bad footwear can cause a lot of unnecessary foot pain and discomfort. Instead of being in pain, make sure to wear comfortable shoes and place inserts and insoles inside. These are soft or gel-like products that provide cushioning for your feet.

Prevent Foot Odor- No one ever said I wish I had smelly feet. For those that do have them, there are products that can help. First, make sure to always dry your feet and wear socks with shoes. Use foot powder on your feet and inside your shoes to prevent sweating and moisture. If your foot odor is extreme, use antifungal body wash.

Use Moleskin– These band-aids are designed for blisters. You can place them on your feet to prevent blisters or help ease the pain of one. They will also help protect the blister so it doesn’t rub against your shoes.

These are a few tips to keep your feet smooth and healthy. Remember, don’t wait until you see a problem to start taking better care of your feet.  

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