Dental Essentials for a Healthy Smile

Oral health is extremely important as it can affect the way we smile and socialize with others. When you have white teeth, even if you have an overbite, it makes a difference. Whiter teeth are an instant confidence booster, so why not work at your oral health? If you are tired of shying away from talking to others or not smiling in photos, it’s time to grab some dental essentials and follow a new routine.

Dental tools

Oral Health Tools

In order to have a healthy, white smile, you need proper dental health tools. These items include:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental floss
  • Mouthwash
  • Tongue cleaner

Everyone needs to have a toothbrush and use it! You can choose a standard toothbrush or an electric one. Electric toothbrushes appear “fancier” and can make you want to brush your teeth more often. If you want to brush with a manual one, choose a design or color you like.

Your toothpaste should have fluoride to help remove stain from your teeth. If you are allergic to hard toothpaste chemicals, use organic ones and add additional baking soda on top. Baking soda is a great bargain wait to whiten your teeth.

While brushing your teeth can help remove stains from the surface, it can’t always reach in between. This is why we floss; in order to remove any particles between teeth that can cause staining, pain, plaque and bad breath. You can use dental floss or get yourself a water flosser. Water flossing tools use pressurized water to remove plaque and particles instead of the nylon that’s in floss.

Tongue scrappers are good dental essentials. They help remove the bacteria and particles that are on your tongue, which cause bad breath.

After brushing, tongue scraping, and flossing, you need to mouthwash. This is the best part in my opinion. It helps kill off bacteria that’s in your mouth and it means you’re done with your dental health.

Tips for a Whiter Smile

If after brushing, flossing and mouth washing twice a day for at least a month, you will see a difference. You will see it sooner but, go ahead and brush your teeth for a full month.

If you want an even whiter smile or have an event that day, brush your teeth with turmeric. I use a manual toothbrush for this because the bristles will stain. To brush with turmeric you can wet your brush or dip it in coconut oil and then dip it in a jar of your turmeric. Make sure that the jar is only used for teeth cleaning. I keep my jar in the bathroom by my toothbrush. So, for a whiter fast smile, brush your teeth with turmeric for a few seconds and leave it for another 30 seconds. Then spit in a trashcan (if you used coconut oil) wash out your mouth and then brush your teeth normally to remove the yellow staining. Once you rise your mouth you will smile and see a noticeably whiter smile!

If you’re scared to use turmeric try baking soda. This is a natural teeth whitener that’s added in many toothpastes to make you want to buy them. I like to brush my teeth with baking soda at least 2 times a week to feel that nice dental cleaning feeling.

Additional Dental Health Tips

If you want whiter teeth and healthier mouth, try oil pulling. Trust me, I’ve tried this one and it works as well. My brother started it first and when I saw his noticeably whiter smile, I started doing it as well. All you do is take a spoon full of raw organic coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for 20 minutes. In those minutes your mouth will be full of coconut oil, your saliva and bacteria. After the 20 minutes, spit out the oil in a trash can. In a month or two you will see a whiter smile and you’ll notice less tooth sensitivity.

With your dental essentials and oral health tips, you will be able to have a whiter and healthier smile. Your teeth will be whiter, your gums brighter, and your breath fresher.

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