Best Way to Spruce Up Your Love Life

Whether you’ve been together for years or months, things can sometimes get stale in your love life. If you want to spruce things up you can’t just think of doing stuff, you need to do them! With a few extra items you can help improve your relationship, open up and have a healthier sex life with your partner.

Improving Your Relationship

Sex is part of a relationship and can either make or break a couple. Without a connection or understanding of ones needs it can be hard to get satisfied. Your partner can’t read your mind so speak out! Let them know what you like and don’t, what you’re comfortable with and so on. Make sure to be open minded and accepting. If you want to get your love life back on track, grab some of these items:

Lubricant– As we get older things start to break down and get dry. Lubricant is your best friend and can make sex so much more enjoyable! Be sure to use water based lubricants as they are less sticky and more natural.

Blindfolds- This might seem cheesy but a blindfold can make things more exciting. You don’t know what’s going on and what body part will be touched next.

Dice- There are a lot of dice made for adults. Take the dice out when you want to play and see what you roll. Again, if you’re not comfortable with something speak your mind but don’t knock something out before you’ve tried it.

Games- If you’re really stuck on what to do and how to approach your relationship choose a game. Adult sex games can help you be more open about your feeling, likes and dislikes and can help you embrace a new part of you that you didn’t know you had.

These are just some of the ways you can easily spruce up your love life. Your relationship will not work or change if you don’t have a healthy sex life.

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