Best Natural Ways to Reduce Snoring

Let’s face it, we all snore. Even if you think you don’t there are those days where you are so exhausted that you will catch yourself snoring. While a little snoring here and there is okay, constant or extremely loud snoring can be a nuisance. Your significant other can be waking you up in the middle of the night telling you to move or they might decide it’s time to sleep in separate rooms. If you don’t want this to happen, it’s time to find natural ways to reduce snoring.

Why Do We Snore?

These isn’t just one particular reason why we snore, it can depend on a number of things. Some people snore due to exhaustion while others have a sinus issue or other health concern. Your weight, allergies, sinuses, the common cold, deviated septum, or even alcohol consumption can all make you snore. To reduce snoring, you can have an expensive procedure such as somnoplasty or pillar procedure. There are also less expensive and natural ways to reduce snoring such as:

Nasal Strips – I’ve tried nose strips before when I am congested. They truly work and open up my nasal passageway. These strips are easy to put on and take off and they are very affordable. These strips work great for those that are occasional snorers or want to breathe easier throughout the night.  

Chin Strap– Another great product to try to reduce snoring is a chin strap. These products are designed to help reduce nasal pressure and keep your mouth closes so you don’t snore through your mouth.

Sleeping Masks– There are high quality sleeping masks designed for snorers. Some of these masks work with an app that tells you when you snore and send you tiny vibrations that tell you to change positions.

Raised Pillows– Another easy way to reduce snoring is with a raised pillow. These pillows will allow you to breathe easier and snore less by keeping your nasal passage open. There are also smart pillows that can track your sleeping and snoring patters.

These are some of the best ways to reduce snoring the natural way. If you want to use nose strips but they seem wasteful, try nose clips instead. They can be washed and reused. You can easily have a better night’s sleep and reduce snoring if you try one of the above products.

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