Are Adult Coloring Books Still Popular?

Do you remember your first coloring book? I don’t but I do remember always trying to color my cousin’s book. He was younger and got plenty of them so I would tell him to color. He wouldn’t so I sat there and colored for him. This was therapeutic and very relaxing for me as it is for many adults. In 2015, the adult coloring books craze happened and coloring pencils were hard to find. Kids basically had to share or ask an adult for their colors back. So what happened to these coloring books for adults? They are still around and new coloring books are in still in production.

Benefits of Colors Books for Adults

After a hard day or week we want to relax. You can go for a walk or a hike, meditate or take out a coloring book. Since the days are getting shorter and colder, more of us are staying inside looking for ways to ease cabin fever. There are also many benefits of coloring books including:

  • Lower stress
  • Distracts you from problems/negative thoughts
  • Improves focus
  • Relaxing

Adult coloring books are great for anyone that wants to relax a little without taking any pills or medications. Coloring a book is relaxing and will help you focus on the present, the now, and not think of negative or stressful things. What makes coloring books popular is that it can be done by anyone, not just artists, and you have free will. You can choose the color you want without someone telling you it’s the wrong color.

There are many different coloring books available for adults including animals, geometric shapes, flowers, landscapes and so on. If you can think it, there is probably a coloring book out there for it.

So are adult coloring books still popular? While the coloring book craze for adults went back to normal again, it’s still a popular hobby. It’s a great and easy way to relax your brain, express yourself and enjoy something new.

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