What to Look for In Your Dream Wedding Dress

Every woman dreams of her wedding or at least wants to put on her dream wedding dress. When I was younger I thought I would want to have a fairytale wedding, with floating fairies. Yeah, I was a dreamer and loved to live in a fantasy world. As I got older I realized I want a simple wedding with close family and friends. But the wedding dress I dreamed of as a girl was still the same. Simple, flowy A-line gown with romantic long lace sleeves.  This seems to be true for a lot of other women as well.

Choosing a Gown

When it comes to your dream wedding dress the options are endless! If you can dream it there is a wedding dress out there for you. And if it’s not hanging on a shelf waiting for you, it can be designed and created. Today, a lot of brides are choosing to go off-white as well. So the first thing you want to ask yourself is what color do you want to wear? Traditional or pure white, black, pearl, cream, even soft pink or rose are some options you can choose from. If you want your wedding to be memorable choose a dress color they won’t soon forget. I’m just joking! Wedding day is about you! Make sure you choose what you love and not what your mother-in-law or sister think you should wear.

Dresses come in all styles including a-line, mermaid, jumpsuit, column, and ball gown. If you don’t want to go long, don’t! Choose a shorter length dress such as tea-length or go as short as you want. It’s your day and if you want to flaunt what you have now is the time.

Whatever your dream wedding dress is make sure to wear it. Don’t let others opinions or ideas change what you want to do for your wedding. You can also let your bridesmaids choose their own wedding dresses and the style that best suits them and their shape. Choose a color scheme and approve the dress before they purchase it to make sure it’s appropriate. As a former bridesmaid, I love the fact I am able to choose the dress style I want. Not only that, I don’t have to worry about choosing an expensive dress that I’ll only wear once.

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