Different Ways of Using a Pashmina Wrap

Pashmina wraps are beautiful, long and keep you warm. Unlike other scarfs such as silk or square, a pashmina can be worn in multiple ways. It is the perfect accessory that keeps on giving. Not only will it keep you warm, pashmina wrap can help add color and interest to your wardrobe.

Ways of Wearing a Wrap

The basic way of wearing a pashmina wrap is by draping it over our shoulders. This is great if you are wearing a dress and want a little extra warmth without having to wear a bulky jacket. This is what makes them idea for weddings and other formal events and parties.

You can also drape the scarf over your shoulders and tie it at the front between your chest. This will keep the wrap in place and shield your shoulders and arms from the cold.

Another way to wear the wrap is as a scarf. You can fold the pashmina twice, place it over your beck and loop one side through the other. The scarf will keep your neck warm and can add a pop of color to your attire.

Another way to wear it as a scarf is by looping the wrap around your neck. Let the fridge hang on both sides of you.

If you want a fun and flirty long cape, take one corner of the scarf and knot it in the center. Take the second corner and do the same. Place your hands through the hole and voila! You have a pashmina robe that you can wear outside to run errands or go on a lunch date with your friends.

These are some basic ways to wear a pashmina wrap. Whether you want to look stylish, stay warm or try something new, you won’t regret getting one of these scarves!

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