Tips for a Safe Halloween During Covid

Halloween is here and so is Covid-19. We all want to let our kids have a safe and happy Halloween but we don’t want to worry about the virus. Is Halloween even possible then? It is and you’ll have fun this year collecting candy as well. Below, you will find some tips for having a safe Halloween during Covid. With these tips, you can be less stressed about the approaching date.

Trick-Or-Treating During Covid-19

For some, there is no way they would let their kids trick-or-treat during the virus. We have no way of knowing if someone has the virus or not and they don’t want to risk it. If you’re a parent it’s hard to tell your kids that they can’t go trick-or-treating this year due to Covid-19. Some kids will not understand it and cry bloody murder until they get what they want. Instead of going through this, just take your kids out for Halloween. Some tips for a safe Halloween during covid include:

Wear your masks- Halloween should not be an excuse to not wear a mask, instead it should be the opposite. You can put on a face mask with a design and it can be part of your adult costume. You can also create a matching mask for your kids to go with their costumes. If you can’t create one, purchase a mask in the same color scheme. This way your kids will be more willing to wear them and not complain.

Practice social distance- If it’s hard to avoid people and be at least six feet apart, choose a different area. Go to areas where they leave the candy outside and practice the honor system. This way you don’t have to come in contact with other people.

Disinfect the Candy- Once you’re done trick-or-treating grab the candy and disinfect it. Wipe down all the candy with a microfiber cloth which has been soaked in rubbing alcohol. Make sure you use 70% or greater for disinfecting your candy. If any candy wrapper is open, throw the candy out.

This year has been a difficult one, even for your kids. Don’t make it even more difficult for them by cancelling Halloween. You can still have a safe Halloween during Covid.

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