How to Have Poker Game Night at Home

Due to COVID-19 a lot of things were closed including casinos. People were forced to stay home and think of ways to entertain themselves. One thing you could do is bring the poker game night to your home! With a few clicks and within 3 days, you can have everything set up for the family poker night.

What Do You Need to Play Poker?

Three essential items that you need for a poker game night at home are poker chips, cards and a poker table. There are many different poker tables which you can choose from including tabletops and actual tables. Table tops are compact and go over your table or any surface. They can have a cup holder and Blackjack and Texas Holdem card layout. If you don’t want this, you can find poker table tops without any imprints or setups. For my brother’s birthday I purchased an octagon shape poker table top. It has a slot for the poker chips and a cup holder. He loves it and uses it for his poker game nights at home.

If you want to look like a professional or create a unique game room, opt for a poker table instead. These are actual tables designed for card playing. You can find poker tables at a bargain price or you can choose a higher quality item, such as a wooden poker table. If you can’t afford a table or table top, look for poker layouts instead. These are green poker mats that you can roll or place over your table.

For your poker night you need to have poker chips. The best option is poker sets, which come with a range of chips and a deck or two of cards. The case will help you store and carry your supplies so you don’t lose the chips.

And if you really want to impress your guests during your poker game night at home, get a card shuffler. Card shufflers will mix your deck of cards for you so that no one can say you’re cheating or giving yourself the good cards.

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