What Type of Coffee Drinker are you?

I’ve been drinking coffee since I was seven. Unorthodox, but my grandma did not like to drink coffee alone. She started me off with Turkish coffee, which is strong. My small espresso cup was filled mostly with milk and a dash of coffee and little by little it turned to mostly coffee with a dash of milk. As I got older, my coffee pallet expanded. I moved to espressos and black coffee and went through a lot of different coffee makers. I began to ask myself, is there a coffee maker for a type of coffee drinker as myself? The short answer is, yes, there is!

Types of Coffee Makers

When it comes to choosing a coffee maker, the choices are vast. You can easily find a great coffee maker to suit your needs, space and budget. With so many choices what do you choose?

Stovetop Espresso Maker– If you’re looking for a simple way to drink your coffee a stovetop espresso maker is a perfect choice. These makers come in standard and electric options. The coffee from these pots is rich and flavorful. You do have to wait a bit for the grounds to settle so that you can truly enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. Stovetop espresso pots are portable which makes them ideal for camping.

Espresso Machine– These machines allow you to enjoy a rich cup or two of espresso at a time. If you only drink espresso or want to have that option for guests, an espresso machine is needed.

Super-Auto Espresso Machine– A super-automatic coffee maker does a few tasks before providing you with a delicious cup of coffee. These makers first grind the coffee beans, taking the exact amount needed for the desired amount of coffee and strength. Once the beans are grinded, the machine proceeds to complete the process and make espresso. These coffee machines usually have a built in milk frother but if it doesn’t you can easily purchase one separately.

Coffeemaker Combos– If you love your morning coffee and enjoy an espresso in between, an espresso machine with coffee maker combo might be just the thing for you. I have a DeLonghi one and love it. These makers allow you to make a large pot of coffee on one side and enjoy espresso on the other. They can either use beans and grind them or require ground coffee only. A combo machine is bulkier but it’s two makers in one so it’s understandable.

So when it comes to choosing a coffee maker, the type of coffee drinker you are will determine the coffee machine you choose.

Choosing a Coffee Machine

A lot of people think that any coffee maker you choose will be the same. This is simply not the case. A cheap coffee maker might brew your coffee fast and keep it warm for two hours but it can’t grind the coffee beans or make a rich brew. If you are home, which most of us are these days, you want to drink rich and strong coffee. A  good cup of Joe will make your day go smoother, or at least get it going.

First, ask yourself what type of coffee drinker are you? Do you drink coffee only when guests come or you need it with your breakfast, lunch and dinner? If you are not a big coffee drinker you can choose a standard coffee maker so that at least your guests can have coffee when or if they ever visit again.

If you love coffee like I do then you might still be looking for that perfect coffee maker. Like I said, I love my combo coffee maker. I’m able to enjoy espresso when I want and coffee every morning and evening. A combo coffee machine takes a lot more room but I have two other coffee makers, that when placed together take as much room. If you prefer to use coffee cups, make sure that the coffee maker you choose has that option or attachment.

Another thing to consider is your space and budget. Espresso machines can be pricey but you can also find bargain options with good reviews and durability. If you have no room in the kitchen for your new coffee maker, consider creating a coffee cart. You can place in the living room or somewhere where it is easy to see and access.

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