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In this post, I am going to be taking you through the ministry of freedom course. Many of you have probably heard of this course. You may have gone through the webinar, and you want more information about it because it is an expensive course, and you want to know is it worth it?

I decided to invest in it, so I got it, and I have been using it now for about three weeks going through the entire course being involved in Facebook. Now, I will give you information about this course. 

If you decide to pick up the ministry of freedom, you can go directly to the ministry of freedom’s sales page by clicking here. If you guys are interested in checking it out, I’m also going to put another link that will take you to Jono’s webinar and on this webinar, you can watch him. He tells a lot about his history, how he got started in this, what he does now and how he built this business.

Ministry Of freedom

I am also going to throw in some outstanding exclusive bonuses that I created just for you. That will go hand in hand with you using your ministry of freedom course. So, if you want to get into launch jacking using YouTube ads or creating products of your own and selling on sites like jvzoo and warrior plus, this is the only course you need. 

I know there are courses out there coming out every day, teaching you a variety of all this stuff and how they work. This one is an all-in-one course. Even if you’re a complete newbie, it has everything in there to show you everything you need, from the tools to the training. 

It’s all here for you to use, and you won’t need to buy any more courses out there trying to look for. That’s going to teach you how to do it because this does. It teaches you everything.               

But then there’s also a very active Facebook group, and the Facebook group has so much more in it. There is also a private group. They have coaching in this group. Webinars are going on like three days a week, webinars on questions and answers on YouTube ads, launch jacking.

Jono does his webinars, and this is every week you become part of this group, and the Facebook group is extremely active. Not only that but over the past few weeks, I’ve been going through here. I’ve been reading many of these and seeing a lot of people who are getting the very first sales that they’ve never had before from launch jacking from YouTube ads from organic launch Jacking. It’s all because of this course of the ministry of freedom and how it sets everybody up from the very beginning to do it right. There is the live webinar schedule on the ministry of freedom dashboard.

So, if we go in the live webinar schedule every Monday at 7 00 p.m., Jono has a webinar; every Tuesday, mark does a webinar on organic launch jacking; every Wednesday at 4 p.m. does a paid traffic with YouTube ads? This guy is a genius with YouTube ads. He has helped so many people in this group get their first sale and start getting things going.

First Week: Introduction to Course

There in the dashboard, you will get the course introduction. You’ll notice, some of these will have like a week, one two three four five, seven. 

Today, many marketers have tried to jump from point to point and skip everything in between. So they’re leaving out most of the stuff they need to be successful online and limiting what you can access and do at a specific time. You’re more likely to be successful and fill in all those gaps you’re missing right now and so week. One you can see, there’s a mindset, commitment, and success. There’s a module here on organic. So, if we go into that, there’s a welcome video and an orientation week. 

Second Week: Tools & Applications

Week two is tools and applications. This is where it starts picking up, and it starts going from the very beginning of all the tools you can use from the webcam microphone to your YouTube account, your link approval, your autoresponder. Getting everything set up on your calendar domain hosting and a one-for-you website, all that is in here, and so.

Third & Fourth Week: Launch Jacking 

Week three and four are where you get into launch jacking; you learn about how to find a good offer and how to get organized getting review access. It is easy to do if you become part of the Facebook group. Because when you become part of this Facebook group, you get access to a lot of things. That the group gets access to so a lot of products they give out review access. If you’re a member of this group, you can get access to that product. Much easier to review it to do your review. This is why you’re probably seeing a lot more videos being up on YouTube for launch jacking, it’s because of this group.

Here’s part one and two about creating bonus pages about doing your review about live streaming. Uploading your thumbnail ranking videos using custom bonuses – all in weeks three and four. This is where many people are taking off in the Facebook group – advanced launch jacking.

Fifth Week: Setting Up AdWords Account

So, this is where it goes a little bit deeper, and it starts talking about setting up an AdWords account and using it for launch. Jacking goes over everything in here. I will not go in the videos and show you the videos, but they are very in-depth from everything you need to know.

Sixth Week: Soft Launching 

Week six launch a soft launching

Seventh Week: Email Marketing

Week 7 is about email marketing. If you want to make money with email marketing. I highly recommend building a list, all that is here too, and then you go into list building with paid traffic. So, it’s going to talk about squeeze page creation pixels, what they are, how to use them.

You may have seen on a lot of product launches or launch jacking products where they will do an upsell for adding your pixel to their sales page. You’re going to learn about what these pixels are and how they work about, creating follow-up series, YouTube ads, and Bing ads.

Eighth Week Product Launching

This is for you when you want to create your product. So, if this is something you’ve been interested in which I highly recommend you do. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since early 2000, and I’ve done extremely well with it. 

It’s a really good income, but I never really understood the kind of potential. You could make until you have your products until you have 20,30, or 50 other people promoting your product, sending all this traffic to you. Whereas as an affiliate marketer you’re the only one who’s getting commissions from whatever you promote yourself. So having your product, you can build up your email list. You can take your business to an entirely whole new level in just a matter of a couple of months. So it talks about JV partners how to create your product, structuring your funnel and the pricing. 

Your sales page copy, if you use click, funnels video sales, letters, Otto’s, the warrior, plus setup support and refunds, goes over integrating autoresponder everything you need to know running contest outsourcing forward and how Jono will even mail for your launch for you. This here in itself is worth the price of this course. If you create, your own product has him to mail for you.

Software research and Outsourcing 

There is also a section on software research and Outsourcing.

So, if you’re having a hard time coming up with a way to create your product, if you want to create a digital product, not a course, but a tool, an app, or something Jono goes over in this section. How you can do that researching the products, the platforms to use and where to go, how to get it done, and all set up finding people to do it for you, and then you get into the more of the paid traffic area. 

There is a section in the advanced funnel ads; he goes over an introduction of paid traffic, so even if you’ve never done paid traffic before, Jono takes you inside his AdWords account. So, you can see absolutely everything; you see his accounts set up. You see how much money he’s spending, how much he has already spent, his conversions, everything he lays out there and shows you, so you can see what to do the right way. 

He also talks about how you can get the warrior plus setup and link approval for promoting the ministry of freedom yourself because this is a high-ticket course. Suppose you go up to the advanced funnel and ads. In that case, it goes over how to set up a complete funnel for creating YouTube ads to promote the ministry of freedom course. Of course, you can do this with any product you want to promote using YouTube ads, but he goes over detail on how to get everything set up, and the example he uses is through the ministry of freedom course, and he goes over creating the custom Thank you page. 

I will tell you, though, if you decide you want to get into this course, just for YouTube ads. There are extra expenses you’re going to have. You’re going to have the extra expenses of the YouTube ads themselves and the money you will have to invest in it to get sales from it. You can’t expect to spend ten dollars and make a hundred right off the boat.

There is an investment that has to be made in YouTube ads that you will put out there, and then you’re going to start seeing your income coming in, and sales come in gradually. So don’t get your hopes set on buying this course and setting up an account for ten or twenty dollars a day and start making five-six hundred dollars a day doing it, because that’s not the way it works. He goes over, and he shows you how to set up also using every webinar, which is a webinar platform that I have grown to start to like.  

There’s an investment in using simple ads keywords, ads keywords, and audiences retargeting scaling your ads. It’s all in here everything about YouTube ads that you need to know everything that you need to know about setting up a YouTube ad to get it to perform right, because not only are you getting all this traffic and chances of making sales. But at the same time, they’re opting into your opt-in page, so you’re collecting a huge list of emails.

Ministry of freedom course

At the same time, you have a chance of making a nice commission by promoting a high-ticket course. There are tons of products out there. You can promote with YouTube ads, for list building, for promoting high ticket ads or high-ticket products, to promote low-ticket products too. But if you do that, your chances of breaking even will be a lot less. 

If you don’t want to, you can learn how to do launch jacking organically, how to rank your videos on YouTube and all that. You can do it that way, which is what a lot of people are doing right now. They’re making really good money from it, so this is a ministry of freedom. This is inside the course. So, you can learn how to build a legit business that’s reliable and stable and something that you can grow for years to come. So this is ministry of freedom.

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