The Best Dolls of 2020

Do you know the best dolls of 2020? As a child I had plenty of dolls and Barbies. I loved to play with them and couldn’t wait to share them with anyone that came over. I cherish those moments and understand the importance of having a doll to play with. While this year has had a lot of challenges, kids could still find great dolls to play with. Below is a short list of some of the most popular dolls of 2020.

Top Selling Dolls List

Dolls are a great way for a child to play, use their imagination and mimic adults. Through playtime, you can see how your child thinks and what they have learned and observed from you. There are many different dolls you can choose from including lifelike, plush, Barbie and talking dolls. Depending on your child and your budget, you can still find a doll that they will love to play with. Some of the best dolls of 2020 to inspire you for gift giving include:

Baby Yoda Plush– Okay, we know his name is Grogu but we will still call him “Baby Yoda.” While he is not a doll per se he is a plush toy that kids can take with them anywhere.

Katie Baby Doll- If you’re looking for a lifelike doll, this is it. This doll breathes, coos and has a heartbeat. For some people this might be a little freaky but for kids they love it. They get to have their very own “breathing” baby.

L.O.L. Surprise! Roller Chick Fashion Doll- Kids love the L.O.L dolls because they come with “surprise” eggs. You open the eggs to discover different dolls and accessories for your collection. This set comes with 20 surprises which will keep the kids busy on Christmas day.

Kindi Kids Shiver N Shake Rainbow Kate- If you’re looking for an interactive talking doll, this is great choice. This doll can say over 40 phrases and you can check her temperature, burn per, listen to her heartbeat and more.

Disney Frozen Elsa and Nokk- Frozen Disney movies are a hit with the kids and so is this toy. It will be a great gift for Christmas or Hanukah.

These are some of the best dolls of 2020 that will be greatly loved and appreciated by your kids.

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