Importance of Pretend Play

Children love to mimic us and pretend to be us when they play. This is an excellent way for them to learn and for you to see how they perceive the world. Through pretend play your child can learn to share and understand how things work. Other things your child will learn include taking turns, solve problems, and listen to others. It’s a great way to lead them to a successful and confident life where they can communicate easily with others.

Different Ways to Play

There are a lot of different pretend play sets you can choose from for your kids. Some them include:

Construction Tools – With this kit your child can have their own set of tools that they can use to “fix” different projects in your home.

Grocery Shopping – These kits usually come with a range of groceries and a shopping cart. Your child can pretend to be the store owner and provide the different fruits and vegetables to their customers. This can be a great time to teach them about money, counting, and to identify various produce.

Housekeeping – A tidy home is a happy home and teaching your children from an early age to clean is ideal. With their own set they can help you clean the house. When they drop their cereal or there is a mess, don’t be afraid to ask them for their help. They can use their small broom and help you clean.

Medical Kits– Kids can be skittish about seeing doctors which can make the job even harder. By giving them their own doctor or medical play kit, they will learn to not fear the tools. This might even make them want to be a doctor in the future and help people.

Register- A cash register is a great way for your child to learn the importance of money and how it is used. It can also help to teach them to save their money and what they can buy in the future if they save enough.

Pretend play is important for kids and a great way to understand your children. You can get a variety of kits that they can use to play alone or with friends. Pretend play is the time you need to observe your child to make sure they are playing properly.

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