Are Baby Teething Necklaces Good?

I’ve been around a lot of teething babies and some of them were happier than others. My aunt first introduced me to baby teething necklaces because she’s asked me to order her one. I had no idea what they were and if they would help but she was convinced they would. And guess what? They did work!

Is your baby teething?

Teething is the time when your baby start growing their first baby teeth. This is a painful and uncomfortable process which can last a few weeks or months. While all babies starting teething they do it at different times. If you don’t want to be stuck with a crying child be prepared! Purchase baby teething necklaces in advance.

What are they made out of? Great teething necklaces are made of Baltic Amber. The Amber has healing properties that can sooth your child’s discomfort.

If you do not want to worry about a small amber necklace chocking your child, wear one instead. These necklaces can be long and worn by the parent. When you’re holding your child they can place it in their mouth to find comfort.

There are other baby teething necklaces as well besides amber. Some necklaces are made of high quality food grade silicone. These and other options can be comforting your child to suck on to relieve the discomfort.

So should you choose baby teething necklaces for your child? This depends on you. Amber necklaces are great and comforting but can be seen as a choking hazard. Longer necklaces can be worn by the parent but that means you need to carry the child as well. The child can only use the necklace when they are close to you instead of when they need it most.

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